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Crewing at Procam USA

Procam USA stands as a one-stop-shop for all your TV and film crewing necessities, boasting an extensive list of crew members skilled in diverse specialties. We guarantee to assign the perfect fit for your specific project. Our seasoned Director’s of Photography (DP’s) and Assistant Cameras (AC’s) are industry professionals who infuse each shot with innovation and accuracy.

Gaffers and Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT’s) are the unsung heroes of any video production, shaping the look and feel of the final product with their expert understanding of lighting and digital workflows. Their contributions to the project are invaluable, ensuring every frame communicates the desired narrative. Meanwhile, our PA’s/Drivers are the backbone of the operation, ensuring a smooth run in the logistics and transport departments, thus keeping the production on schedule.

Finally, our location scouts are a crucial part of the team, possessing a keen eye for discovering the perfect settings for any type of production. Understanding the script’s requirements and the director’s vision, they diligently hunt for locations that offer the ideal backdrop, enhancing the narrative’s realism and visual appeal. No matter the scale or scope of your project, Procam USA is fully equipped to provide the entire spectrum of professional TV crewing and production services.

Video Production Crew

Continuing with our assortment of comprehensive services, we proudly highlight our gifted camera operators and accomplished makeup artists. Our camera operators, each a seasoned professional in the field of broadcasting and film, have been handpicked for their ability to capture each significant moment and compelling visual with absolute precision. They are proficient in handling a vast array of equipment, ensuring that every frame aligns with your creative vision.

Production Crew Services

At Procam USA, our services extend far beyond the mere provision of an unparalleled team of experts. We strive to facilitate a seamless and efficient production process for our clients, allowing you to channel all your efforts and creativity into your project. Beyond furnishing you with a world-class crew, we assume responsibility for the plethora of administrative tasks that accompany any production venture. Our comprehensive production crewing services encompass the management of invoicing and payroll, in addition to handling workers’ compensation. This way, we ensure that your creative journey is devoid of any unnecessary bureaucratic hassles. Your role in the creative process is to envision and create; ours is to take care of the intricacies of administration and logistics.

Our Available Roles

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Make-Up Artists

Location Scouts

Director of Photography Hire

Whether you’re planning a high-end commercial shoot or an independent film project, our DP for hire service offers an unparalleled selection of industry-leading professionals ready to bring your vision to life. With a wealth of experience across a range of genres and mediums, our DP for hire team is equipped to meet the demands of any project, ensuring your content is captured with the highest level of artistic and technical expertise. At Procam USA, we make hiring a Director of Photography as simple as click, confirm, shoot. This eliminates the stress of scouting and negotiating, allowing you to focus on achieving your creative vision. With our director of photography for hire, your project is always in experienced and dedicated hands.

Our Process for Hiring a DP

At Procam USA, we have streamlined our DP hiring process to be straightforward and efficient. We manage all the ensuing logistics – from contract negotiations to schedule planning – to ensure a smooth pre-production phase. Our DPs are seasoned professionals, proficient in managing camera crews, adhering to project timelines and budgets, and most importantly, delivering visually impactful content. We also facilitate open dialogue between you and the DP, to ensure your vision is understood and accurately represented. Trust in Procam USA’s process for hiring a DP – we handle the complexities so that you can focus on your project’s vision and success.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional DP

Engaging a professional DP (Director of Photography) for your project brings a multitude of benefits. A seasoned DP not only possesses an in-depth understanding of lighting, composition, and modern filming techniques, but also has the ability to translate a script into striking visual content, ensuring that your story resonates with your audience. Leveraging their artistic eye and technical skills, a professional DP can elevate your project from good to exceptional. A professional DP streamlines the entire filming process, efficiently managing the camera crew, and ensuring that your project stays within budget and schedule. Trust in the expertise of our professional DP to bring your vision to life in a compelling, visually stunning, and impactful manner.

Assistant Camera Hire

At Procam USA, we understand the crucial role an assistant camera (AC) plays in any production setup. Our extensive roster of experienced ACs are equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage a wide range of technical tasks, from setting up the camera equipment to maintaining the continuity of shots. Their expertise incentivizes smooth operations on set, providing you with the assurance that your production is in capable hands.

Our Process for Hiring an AC

At Procam USA, our hiring process is crafted for efficiency, transparency, and customer-centricity. We begin by understanding your specific requirements, including the nature of the production, the type of equipment needed, and the project duration. Using these factors, we suggest the most suitable AC for your needs. The chosen AC then acquaints themselves with your project’s specifics, ensuring a seamless integration into your production team.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional AC

At Procam USA, we’ve crafted a hiring process that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and a customer-centric approach. We begin by understanding your unique requirements, including the production’s nature, equipment type, and project duration. Using these insights, we suggest the most fitting AC for your needs. Once selected, the AC becomes well-acquainted with your project’s specifics, ensuring a smooth integration into your production team.

Benefits of Using Professional Crew Agency

Opting for professional crewing, as provided by Procam USA, takes your production to a whole new echelon, guaranteeing an unparalleled execution of your project. The advantages manifest in diverse ways, beginning with the infusion of a wealth of collective knowledge, expertise, and finely tuned skills brought to your project by our industry-savvy professionals. Our extensive experience, gained from numerous hours on varied sets, translates into meticulous attention to detail, creative problem-solving, and a comprehensive grasp of the demands of high-quality production.

Why Choose Procam USA

At Procam USA, we take your production to unprecedented heights, delivering an unmatched execution of your project. Our industry-savvy professionals bring a wealth of collective knowledge and finely honed skills to infuse your project with excellence. Drawing from extensive experience on diverse sets, they exhibit meticulous attention to detail, creative problem-solving, and a profound understanding of high-quality production standards. Our team is not only proficient but also punctual and efficient, ensuring your project stays on schedule. Seamless coordination with other team members ensures a smooth workflow. The outcome? A production of superior quality where every frame is captured with precision, every scene is perfectly lit, and every line of dialogue is crisply recorded. At Procam USA, we don’t just flawlessly execute your project; we set a new benchmark in production quality.

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