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Procam USA | Insurance

What’s Covered?

    • Fire
    • Earthquakes
    • Windstorms
    • Hail and Flood
    • Nationally Declared Acts of Terrorism
    • Smoke and/or Water Damage
    • Falling Objects
    • Worldwide Coverage
    • Transit and Shipping
    • Replacement Cost Coverage

    Procam USA has teamed up with Athos Insurance to offer short and long term equipment insurance policies that can be set up online and approved within minutes.

    You can fill out your information in about 10 minutes and the certificate will be sent directly to Procam USA once confirmed.


    * Short-Term Rented Equipment: $245
    * Annual Production Equipment (Owned and/or Rented): $470
    * Annual Photography Equipment (Hobbyist and/or for Private Event Use): $170
    * Short-Term General Liability (to rent equipment only): $165
    * Annual General Liability (to rent equipment only): $850

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    Procam USA | Insurance

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