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Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ OLED Monitor and 4K Recorder

The Odyssey7Q+ is the most advanced, most capable, most versatile monitor/recorder in the world. The Odyssey7Q+ can record HD/2K/UHD/4K. It can record them via SDI and HDMI. It can record RAW (with Record Options), uncompressed DPX, and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). The Odyssey7Q+ features an OLED 1280×800 monitor with true blacks, accurate colors, extended color gamut and a 176 degree viewing angle.

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All Cameras, Lenses, Sound, Lighting, and Grip.

Along with the best image in the industry, the Odyssey7Q+ also features an extensive array of image analysis tools, including an RGB waveform, RGB Histogram, False color, Pixel Zoom with finger drag, three-mode Focus Assist and monitoring LUTs.

The unique Multi-Stream Monitoring mode allows up to four HD video inputs to be viewed at once in a quad-split view or to be live-switched between in full screen. The Odyssey7Q+ weighs a little over one pound, is just one inch thick and can run on any power source from 6.5-34 volts.

Extreme Reliability
From rapid wake-up to power protection, Convergent Design 2.5” SSDs don’t miss a frame. Our premium drives have proven reliability. All Odyssey SSDs are individually tested by Convergent Design for full compatibility with the Odyssey monitor/recorders. Failures of Odyssey SSDs are nearly nonexistent. In the initial testing phase, Convergent Design has rejected just 0.2% of the assembled units before shipping them to clients.

High Capacity
Odyssey SSDs are available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities.Other memory systems with similar speed capabilities but without the data protection of the Odyssey SSDs are comparable in price. Some memory devices can be many times the cost, and others do not offer the reliability of solid state media.

Sustained Read/Write Speeds
From burst length to cue depth, there is a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure maximum performance.

Power Loss Protection
Convergent Design SSDs will recover and close clips in the event of a lost power.

Manufactured in the USA
Convergent Design take great pride in the products they design and manufacture. Their products are developed, designed, manufactured, tested and serviced in their facility in Colorado Springs, CO by product designers, engineers and technicians that truly care about the quality and commitment that goes into every unit.
You can take pride in knowing that your Convergent Design device is manufactured to the highest possible standards and supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Odyssey7Q + Power & Battery
The Odyssey7Q+ is supplied with a Convergent Design AC power supply (replacement part CD-OD-AC-PS). This is a universal switching power supply that can be used throughout the world, and comes complete with several interchangeable plug connectors. Only use a Convergent Design AC power supply on the Odyssey7Q+. The Odyssey7Q+ can accept DC power ranging from 6.5-34v. Depending on monitor and record modes, the power draw from the Odyssey7Q+ can range from 8-15w.



  • HDMI and SDI I/O – HD/2K/UHD/4K Recording over HDMI or SDI w/ conversion.

  • LUT SUPPORT – ARRI Log-C, CANON C-Log, SONY S-Log, S-Log 2, S-Log 3.

  • ASPECT RATIO GUIDES – Standard and Custom (user adjustable), may be used for framing guides, Horizontal/Vertical Framing Guides Available.

  • FOCUS ASSIST – Video + Edges (Peaking), Edges Only, Enhanced Edges, user choice of color: Red, Green, or Blue.

  • ZEBRAS – Adjustable zebra exposure indicators.

  • FALSE COLOR – False Color with 5 programmable levels.

  • WAVEFORM – Luma only, RGB Parade, Red only, Blue only, Green only, Full Size and Compact Size options.

  • HISTOGRAM Luma only, RGB Parade, Red only, Blue only, Green only, Full Size and Compact Size Options.

  • PIXEL ZOOM – 1:1 and 2:1 Image Magnification with frame drag.

  • OUTPUT DOWNSCALING – Output 1080p HD via HDMI or SDI from 4K/UHD source (allows for additional on-set monitoring).

  • MULTI-STREAM DISPLAY – Display four simultaneous 1080 or 720 HD streams, HD-SDI and HDMI inputs supported in multiple formats.

  • DIGITAL/ANALOG AUDIO – Multi-channel audio support via SDI, HDMI or 3.5mm analog ports.

  • TIMECODE – Timecode: LTC I/O (BNC) or embedded timecode via HD-SDI & HDMI (limited to specific cameras.

  • IN/OUT MARKERS – In/Out markers set during recording can be used during start/stop/playback and exported to NLE.

  • UPGRADEABLE – RAW Recording Options available for purchase or rental through our website. (Sony RAW, Canon RAW, ARRIRAW, POV Raw).

  • DUAL SSD SUPPORT – Dual drive architecture allows for long record time, high frame rate and high data rate recording.

  • RUGGED DESIGN – Magnesium alloy case for extreme durability in harsh conditions.