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Cooke S4 Prime Lenses Set of 12

Cooke S4 Prime Lenses were designed and developed in close technical collaboration with industry professionals. Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.

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All Cameras, Lenses, Sound, Lighting, and Grip.

The lens has impressive distortion control and flare and is compatible with PL mounts. It has been designed to cover a super 35mm format, with a T2 aperture.

The cam-style focus is an award-winning, thanks to the large lens barrel diameter, it allows the increase of focus marking, especially at close focus.

• Colour matched with all other Cooke lenses
• Unmatched ergonomics for DPs and assistants on-set
• Control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and Spherical aberrations at full aperture
• Designed in the S4 tradition of serviceability
• Linear iris
• Award-winning cam-style focus

  • 14mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 16mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 18mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 25mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 32mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 40mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 50mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 65mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 75mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 100mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 135mm T2.0 Cooke S4
  • 180mm T2.0 Cooke S4