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Fujinon PL 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio XK6x20 Zoom Lens

The Fujinon 20-120mm Cabrio XK6x20 lens is a wide-to-telephoto zoom lens for Super 35mm cameras in PL mount. The focus, zoom, and iris barrels are geared with standard 0.8 film pitch, which provides an interface for the removable ENG-style digital drive unit.

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The detachable drive unit is an ENG-style handgrip with a zoom rocker switch, 16-bit encoding, and an interface for remote control via a wired or wireless controller from Fujinon or other compatible, third-party manufacturers. When the drive unit is attached to the lens, a digital auto-aligning system quickly and accurately calibrates it to the zoom, focus, and iris gears. Power is provided by either an external connector or the PL mount’s interface. A removable lens support is included with the lens. The rear PL mount features electrical contacts for sharing Arri LDS and Cooke /i Technology lens data with the camera.

  • T3.5 to T22 aperture with 9 iris blades for attractive bokeh
  • Detachable, ENG-style digital drive unit with zoom rocker switch
  • Industry standard 0.8 film MOD gears for focus, zoom, and iris control
  • Power and data/control connections to the camera via connectors in the rear of the lens
  • 16-bit encoding supports sharing LDS and /i Technology lens data with the camera
  • The barrel markings in metric or imperial measurements are switchable in the field
  • Luminous barrel markings make it easier to read measurements
  • 200° focus barrel rotation and 120° zoom rotation
  • No shims are required to adjust the flange focal distance
  • Macro focus function available