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Set of Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime Lenses

The Compact Prime CP.2 lenses’ improved functionality means improved ergonomics compared to standard SLR lenses, standard housing dimensions, standard focus and iris gear positions, a consistent front diameter, a robust construction, longer focus rotation and a manual focus, thereby providing the flexibility users demand.

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The iris opening of the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses is created by 14 high precision blades. It stays consistently round and symmetrical over the entire T-stop range.This translates into natural and pleasing out-of-focus highlights and a smooth bokeh. Together they help create and capture special moments on film.

The modern lens design as well as the cine manufacturing process and tight tolerances ensure low distortion, high resolution and excellent colour rendition for sharp, punchy images.

  • Full-frame coverage (24 x 36 mm) for focal lengths 21 to 100 mm
  • Common aperture of T2.1 for the standard lens set
  • Sweet spot effect with APS-C sensors
  • High resolution and contrast
  • Low distortion
  • Color matched
  • Zeiss CP.2 21mm T2.9 Lens
  • Zeiss CP.2 28mm T2.1 Lens
  • Zeiss CP.2 35mm T2.1 Lens
  • Zeiss CP.2 50mm T2.1 Lens
  • Zeiss CP.2 85mm T2.1 Lens