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Denecke Decode GR-1 Master Clock

The Deneke GR-1 is a precision time code generator/reader designed for production sound recording. The GR-1 can be used as a stand-alone master time code source in most recording environments. Low power consumption with back lighting assures users of long battery life in a small reliable package.

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  • Reads SMPTE/EBU time code at standard operational speeds.


  • Shows the incoming time code speed, user bits, and drop frame status on a low-power LCD backlit display.


  • Generates time code at the following frame rates:
    • 23.976 fps
    • 24 fps
    • 25 fps
    • 29.97 fps
    • 30 fps

Drop Frame and Non-Drop Frame:

  • Supports both drop frame and non-drop frame time code formats.
  • User bits can be configured to display as Month Day or Day Month.


  • Features an internal time-of-day clock that updates the time code every time the device powers up.

Jam Sync:

  • Capable of jam syncing to external time code sources and can cross-jam between different time code rates.
  • In cases of breaks in the time code, it will jam to the next incoming time code, ensuring continuous synchronization.


  • Offers a serial output port that can be connected to a printer for producing production logs related to time code.