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Lectrosonics SMQV UHF Belt Pack Transmit

The input section of this device incorporates a special servo bias input circuit, using a standard TA5M type jack. This allows it to work with electret lavaliere microphones, dynamic microphones, or line-level signals. Additionally, there’s a DSP-controlled analog audio limiter in place before the A-D conversion. This limiter has an impressive range of over 30 dB, ensuring excellent protection against overloads. It also features a dual release envelope, which maintains acoustic transparency while keeping distortion levels low.

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All Cameras, Lenses, Sound, Lighting, and Grip.

  • Utilizes Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Technology (U.S. Patent #7,225,135)
  • Offers variable and selectable power output levels:
    • For X and US units in blocks 470-23: SMQV at 50mW, 100mW, and 250mW
    • For US units in block 941: SMQV at 50mW and 100mW
  • Equipped with a membrane switch control panel featuring an LCD display
  • Boasts a wide input dynamic range
  • Utilizes a DSP-based pilot-tone signal
  • Includes a circulator/isolator output stage
  • Features a durable, splash-proof, machined aluminum housing
  • Finished with a non-corrosive, super-hard coating for added longevity