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Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkie

In the areas where the constant two-way communication is required CP200 Walkie-Talkie developed by Motorola is perfect option.

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This is one of the basic models available for two-way communication. It is aimed to provide communication over short-range distances. It provides clear and crisp talking experience even in the noisy environments like stadiums, movie sets, meetings etc. It works on 438 to 470 segments and one can choose bandwidth channels such as 12.5/20/25kHz.

CP2000 comes with Lithium ion battery and as per the Motorola’s specification, it can give 11 hours of talk time. During the practical usage, the results are extreme closer and for those who need to talk a bit longer during their work like construction engineers, movie set managers, event organizers; this thing extremely helpful.

  • Similar to its outer look; it is muscular, durable and long lasting.
  • It gives high quality performance in the critical/noisy environments also.
  • This is extremely easy to use and it allows two-way communication.
  • Very light weight and easy to carry.
  • Because of its gripping design, it will not slip from your hand easily.
  • It suits for rough usage also.
  • Has more than 128 conventional channels and group talk function.
  • Options like auto scan and user editable scan list makes it extremely user friendly.
  • Full keypad.
  • Push to talk-ID.
  • Selective call etc.
  • Quick and efficient communication.
  • Works in harsh weather conditions like hot, snow, rain and extremely cold winters.