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Sigma High Speed Prime Lenses PL – Set of 7

The Sigma PL Mount FF High-Speed Prime Cine Lens Kit is compatible with full frame sensors and, while being more compact, can offer superior resolution than other high-end prime sets do.

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Leveraging the high-precision, high-efficiency mass production technologies developed for its still camera lenses, SIGMA has made extremely lightweight and compact cine lenses a reality. Featuring all functions essential to cinematography, these lenses keep weight and size to a minimum, while their specification is optimised for enhanced durability. The end result is a combination of performance and compact design at the highest level.

Wide focal length coverage

The lineup covers everything from wide angle to telephoto. Produce an entire work with SIGMA lenses alone.


Compatibility has been confirmed with each brand of cinema cameras.

Lenses for both S35 and full-frame

The High-Speed Zoom Line is compatible with Super35, the image size standard used by typical digital cinema cameras, while the FF High-Speed Prime Line and FF Zoom Line are compatible with a full-frame image circle.

Strong high-speed lens lineup

T1.5 is available in FF High-Speed Prime Line, while the High-Speed Zoom Line achieves T2 throughout the zoom range. These options enable cinematographers to shoot with a wide range of expressive purposes.

  • 20mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 24mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 35mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 50mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 85mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 105mm Sigma FF High Speed T1.5 Prime (95mm)
  • 135mm Sigma FF High Speed T2.0 Prime (95mm)
  • X7 Lens Supports
  • X7 Front and Back Caps
  • X1 Large Peli Case
  • X2 Small Peli Case