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Sony UTX-B03 Wireless TX

The Sony UTX-B03 Bodypack Transmitter, available in the 470 to 542 MHz frequency range, is equipped with a sturdy all-metal chassis. It boasts user-friendly features such as a clear LCD display, a broad RF bandwidth for signal versatility, USB power and charging capabilities, infrared synchronization for quick setup, a switchable Mic/Line input, and digital companding for high-quality audio performance.

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All Cameras, Lenses, Sound, Lighting, and Grip.

  • Includes the ECM-V1BMP Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
  • Incorporates digital companding circuitry for enhanced audio quality
  • Offers automatic channel scanning for simplified setup
  • Features a selectable Mic/Line input for versatility
  • Equipped with an adjustable attenuator for precise audio control
  • Supports USB power and battery charging for convenience
  • Utilizes tone squelch suppression circuitry for interference reduction
  • Allows for simultaneous multi-channel operation
  • Compatible with UWP and WL-800 Series systems for added flexibility.