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Preston Digital Microforce 2 Zoom Control

The Digital Micro Force 2 not only provides the same precise control as its predecessor, but adds two new features: programmable soft stops and a new speed control knob with a digital readout.
The soft stop feature allows the user to automatically slow the zoom a programmed distance from its end of travel. This is especially useful when doing a fast “snap” zoom, or when the user must both operate the camera and control the zoom at the same time.

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The new speed control knob is virtually indestructible. It turns with glassy smoothness keeping in the tradition which has made the Micro Force the leading zoom control worldwide.

The Digital Micro Force 2 directly drives DM1, DM-1X, DM-2 and DM4X digital motors. It incorporates the same force sensor technology, which has made the Micro Force famous. In addition it provides unique advantages made possible by digital technology: automatic lens calibration, electronic limit setting, and bright led displays of zoom position and speed setting.
The Digital Micro Force 2 may also be used to provide the zoom function for the FI+Z system as well as interface to professional Canon and Fujinon video lenses (having the 12 pin or 20 pin Hirose connector).

The companion DM-1X, DM-2 and DM4X motors have right angle configurations, which allows for simple and efficient coupling to lenses. Both motors use lapped sets of worm gears for very quiet, low backlash operation. A variety of output gears are available for mating to all standard cinema and video lenses.
The DMF2 unit operates over an input voltage range from 11 to 28 volts (30V max.). It uses a series of molded “Y” cables to interface with digital motors and the accessory connectors on most motion picture cameras. In addition straight cables are available for use with video lenses.

  • Programmable soft stops
  • The Digital Micro Force 2 directly drives DM-1X and DM-2 digital motors.
  • Automatic lens calibration
  • Electronic limit setting
  • Bright led displays of zoom position and speed setting.