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Sony UTX-B40 UHF Transmitter

The Sony UTX-B40 wireless bodypack transmitter is designed to seamlessly work with the URX-P40 camera-mount receiver. It boasts a compact and lightweight design while featuring a durable all-metal build that can endure challenging environments. Despite its rugged construction, it ensures comfort for the talent wearing it during productions.

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All Cameras, Lenses, Sound, Lighting, and Grip.

  • Designed for use with UWP-D Wireless Systems
  • Includes the ECM-V1BMP Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
  • Equipped with a secure locking 3.5mm BMP-style connector
  • Features a wide range of 2772 auto-scan frequencies, with NFC for easy setup
  • Offers a choice of 5/30mW RF output power for signal strength
  • Automatically adjusts gain levels for optimal audio quality
  • Boasts a daylight-readable OLED display for clear visibility
  • Provides a variable muting function for flexible audio control
  • Supported by 8-hour AA batteries and USB power options.